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Why Work at Newhaven School

Most teachers have heard scare stories of working in a PRU, normally related to violent, disengaged children and lawless working environments. We don't pretend that working at Newhaven is a stress free environment but there are a multitude of personal and professional benefits that make working here an attractive option.

Holistically educating the whole child

We are no results factory. Qualifications are essential for all young people and we place huge emphasis on ensuring the best outcomes for all our students but for many, external barriers have to be addressed before any learning can take place. We believe we are a ‘Thinking School’ in that we use empathy and understanding to try to establish the reasons why individual children behave in challenging / distressed ways. We work closely with parents, external professional services and the child to do all we can to remove such barriers. 

Access to a multi-disciplinary team of professionals

The school employ a team of professionals to help us manage the day to day running of the school and to help us formulate appropriate interventions to help children and their families overcome barriers to learning. Our team consists of an Educational Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist, Art Therapists, Drama Therapists, School Nurse and a Safer Schools Police Officer.  For any educational professional to be surrounded by such a wealth of knowledge is hugely beneficial.

Supportive, fun, experienced staff

Many of the staff at Newhaven have been with the school for many years and staff turnover is low. Staff well-being is vitally important to the senior management of the school and its Management Committee, recognising that this job is physically and emotionally challenging and staff need to be looked after to enable them to help and support our cohort of students. We support our staff in a variety of ways including:

Daily debrief (all staff together discussing the day and deciding on what action needs to be taken the following day.

Space to Think (weekly session digging further into individual student behaviour and how we may formulate a response).

Staff morale is high and everyone supports each other through difficult moments. The senior team are always on the floor, helping to manage behaviour, enabling teachers to teach.

All permanent staff complete an Insights profile in order to guide self-improvement and allow managers to get the most out of everyone.

In the past year we have been involved in a variety of charity and fun events at the school including: the senior team rowing the Thames raising money for the Ahoy centre, Movember, Children in Need and all staff dressing up like idiots for World Book Day.

Staff and students have opportunities for joint activities that promote positive relationships and fun.

Staff health and family commitments are fully considered and met wherever reasonably possible.

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Despite our need to understand the individual child and their experiences, underpinning everything we do is ensuring the quality of teaching and learning is of the highest standards. Teaching Staff follow an Accountability Cycle that ensures all teachers have access to in-house CPD from management and peers.  Of course we place huge emphasis on ensuring staff meet the learning needs of each individual in their class but we also have termly T&L focus areas to improve practice.

For someone wanting to improve their SEND teaching, this is the place to come.

No day is the same, we have in built variety!

Working in this environment is never boring! Every day is different and so are our different sites. From excluded students at The Gardens site to school phobics at NEST and students with complex ASC and mental health needs at King’s Park. We cover most SEND bases! There are opportunities for working across sites to broaden your knowledge base and expertise.

Come and visit us

We are always open to visits from other professionals so should you be in anyway interested in Newhaven please contact us to make arrangements for a visit.